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Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics (STEM).

Development through technology

The role of technology in the development of any country and or society cannot be overemphasized in this modern day and age. RFL exists to ensure the Malawian society is not found wanting as regards to development enhanced by the use of technology. The introduction or building on the already existing knowledge of the youth in STEM is a sure way of setting the country on a way to steady development in this global village setting.

Youth & Technology in Malawi

The youth have a huge part to play in the development of this country, not only because they constitute a good 40% of the population, they are also the ones who will implement any development plans and or strategies for the country in the long term. This is why RFL as an entity
focuses in achieving sustainable development goals in the education sector as stipulated in the MGDs III by training the Malawian youth in STEM through the use of ROBOTS which is the best way to make the rather difficult science principles interesting. RFL visualizes a time where we can utilize technology that is tailor made to suit the various needs of the Malawian society as opposed to copying technologies from other countries that may not exactly fit the needs of our society.


With ever developing trends in technologies being built and integrated into our societies, it is inevitable and necessary to incorporate such into the Malawi educational systems. It is paramount to educate the next generation in a time of transition such as the one we are currently in. This ultimately means that our educational system has to evolve. On the contrary, the education system seems to be stuck and the reason is not because we are not capable of doing it but because our curriculum and syllabi are suited and geared for a previous world, one which did not accommodate or have a space for new technology. The change in the education will come in late due to bureaucracy in the government bodies responsible. With our exam based learning, it translates to students still sticking to what will come in the exam as the only important thing to study while missing out on the new trends of the world in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Robotics foundation limited comes in to bring a parallel stream of learning while also lobbying
main stream to incorporate the new trends in STEM. We are geared to create a fun environment in sciences education to do away with the old beliefs that science related subjects are hard and boring.

STERM learning takes its pride in its interdisciplinary and applied approach. Robotics foundation Limited Malawi will use this to reach diverse groups of students and guide them in applying principles of STEM in their fields. The use of robots as a motivation tool in young students will help them learn and practice all the aspects of STEM.

Moving Forward, RFLM will;
1. Roll out an initiative where universities that offer programs in the STEM field are partnered with high schools.
2. Set up a center that will be an information and resource hub for all things technology.
3. Set up a scholarship fund to financially aid exceptionally gifted students in STEM.

To see Malawi have leading innovators in the world

  1. To increase our capacity to interact with a much larger community from our city and
  2. To have strong systems put in place to ease our delivery of services.
  3. To be connected to permanent partners in different institutions in different districts that can
    help in providing financial or otherwise help in organising our activities.
  4. To acquire the necessary financial and administrative skills to run a non-profit organisation successfully.
  5. To develop a metric that will help us measure our progress.

Upcoming Events 2022

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