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Working to get more people aware of STEM education and its benefits.

Lack of STEM sensitization

Addressing the lack of STEM awarenes

Lack of STEM sensitization

There is lack of awareness in STEM, this is because, as a country, we are still using the old ways of
learning when the world is moving fast in technology advancement. In addition, there is a norm that science subjects are hard and for boys which is still circulating. I always get surprised when I meet first year students who don’t know how to use a computer apart from watching movies and listening to music which shows that they are not taught that they have the tools to do more. So yah, there is a lot of work to be done to get more people aware of STEM education and its benefits.

STEM Motivation

Motivation to someone who wants to address an issue in STEM in their community.

Motivating STEM

As far as the issue can be solved by a tool, STEM is the way to go about it. There are a lot of tools to help anyone with a solution it may be entirely mechanical or might require some electrical and
computer engineering. The person just has to ask the right questions and STEM will be there to help.Organisations like ours and others like the poly design studio are open to the public and everyone can call or work in and they will be helped with any issue that can be solved by designing. So I encourage everyone searching to impact their communities to do so and help is always available. You do not necessarily need to have a college degree to innovate.

Female Inclusion

Females have always been discouraged traditionally to pursue sciences, we see this all the time in the hospitals when wards call a female doctor “nurse” because in their core a doctor is male. Well, to do away with this we mentor robotics teams that have 50-50 representation or more on the female side. We also give the females in our organisations and teams the leading roles to encourage other females to join. We are also engaging the females that have already made it in STEM careers to work with us in promoting STEM education through robotics.

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